Friday, March 9, 2012


I don't like to talk politics here much, or anywhere for that matter.  It's just too frustrating to me.  But I will step on my little soap box for today.

As those who live here in Boise and Meridian know (at least I hope you know),  there is a levy for each city up for vote next week to create extra funds for education.  This is to help cover some of the budget cuts made recently.  I have already sent in my absentee ballot. Please go vote next week (preferable yes, but it's up to you).

Related to that, I just read an article about costs for higher education here, and the Republican candidates' views on that.  Anna is just three years away from college.  I have a niece who started this year.  Although we have been saving for Anna for a long time, and I started a small account for my niece some years ago,  I am still very anxious about the high and continuing rising costs of college.

My niece will not escape incurring some debt.  I hope Anna won't incur any, but I don't know.  From the article, it doesn't look like the situation will be helped by the Republicans anytime soon.  Instead of trying to help America, it's politics as usual.

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