Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vienna Reunion

During the reunion weekend at Hope College, there was a time for those who had participated in the Vienna Summer School to get together.  It was a reunion for all the years.  Two of my housemates and I attended Vienna Summer School in 1989, the year between our Junior and Senior year.  Dr. Stephen Hemenway was the director of the program when we participated and he is still the director today.  I was excited to be able to see him again.

 Lisa, Doc, Michelle
Michelle and I went to the event.  There were only two other people from the year we went, Andrew and Greg.  We didn't hang out with them much during that time, but it was nice to talk to them and compare memories and try to remember the other people's names from the group.  Doc had a photo album from our year to try to help us refresh our memories.  Michelle and her husband had gone on a Vienna Reunion trip back to Europe in 2006 and she recognized one lady from that trip.

In one of the buildings they built after we had graduated (the Martha Miller building), the auditorium is dedicated to Doc and his predecessor.

When I came back home, I read my journal that I had kept during the time.  It's interesting to read it in retrospect 21 years later.  I'm glad I had kept one because it does help one remember things that get forgotten.  Although I'll never forget what a great experience that was.

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