Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reunion Photos

My trip back to the mid-west included a weekend in Holland, Michigan attending my 20 year college reunion.  Things have really changed since I went to school at Hope College.  Both the town and college have expanded.  I drove into town and didn't recognize anything. 

I was staying with one of my college housemates who still lives in town.  When I drove up to her house, I did recognize the sign she had hanging out front.  It was the exact sign that we had hanging in front of our college house when we graduated.  Her mom had it made for us and had stored it all these years.  Below is four of us with the sign (the other three couldn't make it for the reunion).

We spent some time walking around campus and visited our old house.  It is no longer called Smith Cottage, as it was when we were there.  It is now the Marguerite Prins French House.  It looked a little nicer and they had installed new railings in the front.

At the reunion brunch, one of the staff talked about all the physical changes the college has undergone.  One project was the remodeling of an old building, Graves Hall.  At one point, it was a church. Another time is was the library.  When we were in college, we had classes in the building.  It is still being used for classes, I believe.  But now it is much nicer.  The picture below is looking out one of the stained glass windows.

 As we were wandering around in Graves, we went down to the basement and saw this stack of boxes.  On one side is a sign that says "All files long-term storage".  Then we noticed the second box from the bottom listed 1990, which is our graduating class.  A funny (and kind of sad) reminder that it has been 20 years.

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