Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Still Making Stuff

I love making crafty stuff for the Christmas holiday. Several years ago, I bought a kit to make snowflake ornaments, like these above, with Anna. Then, I found the wire forms by themselves and bought a bunch, thinking I would make them with Anna's class.

This wire was very hard to turn the loop on the end so the beads didn't fall off. So I ended up using silver pipe cleaners twisted together for the kids. It worked better for the, then, third graders. But I had a bunch of these leftover.

My sister made her own versions this year, so I decided to dig these out and just make up the rest of them. I think I will take them to my yoga class and let everybody pick one (although I'm not sure there will be enough).

I'm not quite done with the holiday making yet. One more thing for giving and then I want to work on a Christmas quilt for myself that is a sampler of blocks I had done several years ago. I'd really like to at least get it pieced so I could drape it over my stair railing for decoration. I'd also like to make a Christmas wall hanging for myself. I've also had the pattern and collected fabric for several years now. Stay tuned, it might just happen!

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