Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Did It!

I finally finished this Christmas quilt, with hours to spare. This was a UFO (for those not in the know, that means unfinished object: you know, one of those projects you start and then it gets put in the closet and forgotten for years). It is not a gift for anyone but ourselves.

Several years (or more) ago, I did a block of the month type thing at one of the local quilt shops. We could do it in either batik or traditional fabrics. I chose the batik and had a brilliant(?) idea that every time I made a batik block, I would also make one with Christmas fabrics. In the end, I had nine sampler blocks. I kept all the fabric together so I could use it to finish the quilt.

I pulled it out and decided to make a couple more blocks and put white blocks in between. I wanted it big enough to use as a lap quilt. It's pretty scrappy and the quilting is very simple. But, best of all, it is done! (By the way, the batik one has been pieced for years but has yet to be quilted.)

Here it is hanging on the railing. Not the best decoration, but festive anyway.

While I was finishing up the binding on the quilt, Frank and Anna have been outside building a snow fort. That big storm we were expecting never came. It has been snowing a little for a few days, but some usually melts. We have enough on the ground with which to do something. So Frank built a box so they could make nice blocks for a snow fort. More pictures to come when they are finished.

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