Thursday, December 4, 2008


This Wednesday and last, I have been doing the art lesson for Anna's class. I wanted to do something with the Japanese art of folding paper. I searched the internet for different ideas. I found directions for this kusudama ball. The folding part was easy to understand and do, but after making this one, I knew I would not be doing it with the sixth graders. It took me several hours to do. You have to fold 60 petals.

So I continued my search and found a modular origami "ball" (the left one in the picture below) that only requires 6 units. I could not find good written instructions. Last week we folded one of the units all together with the class. It took too long and then they were a little confused and frustrated when they had to fold the other 5 units by themselves.

I had to come home and revamp the lesson. Once again, I found a different modular origami cube (on the right in the picture below) with 6 units and written instructions. Plus it was a little bit easier to fold. I put a string and beads on mine and glued on a couple of sequins. That worked better for the second half of the class. They could also choose to do the Christmas tree which is kirigami (folded and cut paper).

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