Thursday, August 28, 2008

Anna's First day of Sixth Grade

Anna's first day of school was Monday. As you can tell by the less than exuberant smile, Anna was not excited to be going back to school. She says she has a scary teacher (The teacher talked to her class at the end of last year). Although I think once she gets over the intimating expectations, she will get used to her.

I know I should have put this up on Monday but it has been a busy week, as it usually is when school starts. I have been working at the museum all this week, filling out all those first week school forms and trying to coordinate my art lesson schedule. This year I decided to only teach half of the lessons for Anna's class. I also have a bit of a cold so I have been really tired when we get home and I have been ignoring finishing the bathroom.

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Terry said...

Anna looks so pretty. Sixth graders are wonderful--just on the brink of adolescence, but still have the open, enthusiasm of younger kids. She looks like such a sweetie.