Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Long Weekend

It was nice to have an extra day off this past weekend. Anna and Frank made up some homemade bubble stuff to attempt making huge bubbles. The book said it doesn't work as well if the humidity is less than 70%. Well, in Boise it is usually like 10%. It took some effort but they did manage to get a few. Although they did not last very long.

With the extra time, I managed to finish this quilt. It is part of a group project. When we proposed the idea (maybe nine months ago?), I was very excited to get started on it. But as time went by hashing out the rules, my mind moved onto other things and I lost enthusiasm.

The rules are that if you decided to do the project, you had to have it complete by the deadline (which is next Wednesday). The theme was Idaho rivers or streams, which could be interpreted abstractly (i.e. stream of consciousness). We cut the sides so they would puzzle piece together with each other. We had to do a facing binding so it would not show on the front. Every one got the same river fabric and both sides had to be used. A river line was drawn across all the template pieces and you had to have the center of your river on the line and follow it for a couple of inches near each edge (so you have some consistency with meeting up with the next person's river). However, it could be as wide or as thin as you wanted it and in the middle of the piece you could veer from the line as you wished.

After all that it is no wonder I lost enthusiasm. But it is now finished.

If you don't live in Boise, you probably have no idea what this piece is about. It is called Art near the River and these are abstract representations of public art pieces in Boise that are somewhat near to the river. The top structure is the Anne Frank Memorial. The totems on the left side are sculptures that are in the outside sculpture garden at the Boise Art Museum. The semi-circle pieces are part of an artwork that is on Grove street. The yellow structure on the right is another sculpture at the art museum. The fish that are flying around are modeled after the artwork called Spring Run which is mounted on the side of a building downtown. And the funky flowers are similar to the ones found on the mural on the Hitchcock building. I outlined and shaded them with black thread.

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