Saturday, September 8, 2007

Art in the Park

This weekend is the big event for the Boise Art Museum. Art in the Park. Over 270 artists from around the country (mostly northwest) set up booths and sell work all weekend. It is a lot of work for the museum staff. I worked in the Museum Store this morning to help out since others were doing other stuff.

Afterward, I was all set to browse the park and take wonderful photos to share with you. I took out my camera for the first shot and the battery died. I know I just charged it up not too long ago. Didn't even get the first one. Instead of taking lots of pictures, I just spent lots of money instead.

I always buy some earrings from a guy named Joseph Brinton. He's been coming to the event for years and every year I buy some earrings from him. In the past few years, he has had a "sale" section where the older models are less expensive. I bought quite a few this time, but you can't beat a pair of sterling silver earrings for $7. He had a pair of bicycle earrings that I had to get and some pretty leaf shapes and a pin to go with it, cat earrings for Anna (who has inherited the collecting earrings bug from her mother) and some others.

I also bought a linocut print that was hand painted from a new artist this year. Her name is Sarah Angst. Mine was of cherries. I guess I could show you that later. I like knowing that even if I spend a bit of money, I'm supporting the artists. There were some other things I liked, too. We might go back tomorrow. Maybe my camera will be charged if we do.

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Mom said...

Another reason to always carry a spare battery (fully charged) in ones pocket. Sorry we aren't able to see any photos. I was looking forward to seeing what I was missing (saving money, however).