Thursday, March 8, 2007

Fortune Cookies

I love chinese food. After dinner, you usually get a fortune cookie. I don't usually care for the cookie that much but it's interesting to see the fortune. There is a running joke with my husband and friends that I usually end up with the most pathetic fortunes of the bunch. Several times, I have not even gotten a fortune. The cookie has been empty.

Despite that, I have saved many fortunes from the cookies (mostly everyone else's). They are stuck in my cork strip in my studio. I guess I think that someday they will make it into some art. Well. . . today is the day! The collage below contains one of the mental morsels. It happens to be a very nice fortune and I'm not sure if I was actually the one to receive it or not. (It says "You have a deep appreciation of the arts and music.") But it certainly applies to me. Not on purpose, the papers and fabrics I used seem to apply to me, too. So, when this collage was finished, I titled it, "Me."

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Anonymous said...

This one's my favorite so far!