Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Chinese Limes

Here is a piece I call Chinese Limes. I combined fabric and paper, as well as a postage stamp in this one. It is on paper and those dashed lines are not real stitches. They are pencil marks.

The postage stamp was the beginning inspiration and guided the color choices. It has Chinese writing on the stamp which is why I added the oriental writing paper. The cancellation mark is on the corner of the stamp, so I continued the circle with the faux stitching and added some more elsewhere.

Why didn't I use real stitching you ask? Well, the black on the cancellation mark and mostly on the oriental paper is not really black, more of a charcoal gray. I did not want to use black thread as I thought that would be too much contrast. I could have looked through my embroidery floss to find a nice gray but decided that I didn't want the depth of stitches to stand out and draw attention away from the stamp. So, I just used pencil.

Maybe it was just because I was too lazy to take the time to do stitches? Anyway, I like it and see the postage stamp as a start to a series. I did use one in the "Me" collage and have done a couple more. Pictures later.


Beate said...

I like it

patsyf said...

Love the vibrant color combination. Chinese Limes is a winner!