Friday, February 16, 2007

Winter Colors

Spring seems just around the corner in our area. But here are some winter colors (other than white which is what many people our experiencing). These are plants around my house. I'm sure this one is not a good sign for the leaves but I thought the color and patterning was beautiful.


Sally L. Smith said...

Your pictures are wonderful. Love the colors. They would make great quilt projects. Sally (quiltart list)

Jacki said...

Lisa~ Looks great! I can see that you and I have minds alike when it comes to image making. I love doing digital close ups, too.

Way to go :)
Jacki from Quiltart

Heather Todd said...

You have nandina in Idaho too? It has practically overrun our yard down here in Fort Worth! Nice photos, Lisa!

- Heather, your housemate