Wednesday, June 10, 2015


The Boise City Department of Arts & History has been posting interviews with local artists on their blog.  Karl LeClair came to my studio to interview me. Here is the posted interview. (You'll also get a peek of the latest artwork I'm working on.)

They started the series, in part, to help local artists gain exposure, but also in response to a survey that the Boise State University students did about the art culture in Boise, specifically, exploring how/if artists can make a living here.  The survey included visual, as well as performing arts. I participated in the survey.

This is a pie chart of the results when asked whether artists could make a living here in Boise. Almost half said no.

Only 27 percent of artists said Boise has all the resources they need.  You can read more about the results here.

In my interview with the city, they asked me questions related to this and you can read them there. Basically, I agree that visual artists struggle to make a living here.  There are not many opportunities for emerging artists to show their artwork.  I think things have improved over the years, especially with programs and encouragement from the City Arts & History Department.  But much more improvement could be made.

I hope the survey prompts the city and other organizations to create more support for local artists.

If you would like to read more interviews about our local artists, here is the general link for the City's blog.  Just scroll down for more interviews.

Do you feel your city is a place artists can make a living with their art and be supported?

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