Friday, June 12, 2015

Form, Not Function

I was looking back through my posts and realized that I have not shared with you the news that I had an artwork accepted into the exhibition, Form, Not Function.

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My artwork, Foliaris VIII, was juried into the Form, Not Function exhibition which is held at the Carnegie Center for Art & History in New Albany, Indiana.  This is the second year I have had my artwork accepted.  The exhibition will be open through July 11th.

Foliaris VIII
hand dyed fabrics, machine pieced, free-motion stitching
37" x 38"
©Lisa Flowers Ross

After I found out this piece was accepted, they sent an email asking for a high resolution image for publicity materials.  I sent off an image.  Quite some time later, I received an email that said I had sent the wrong image.  Oops!  The email also stated that even though I had sent the wrong image, it had been chosen to be used on the postcard they printed.  So I shouldn't be surprised when I saw it. 

I wonder how many people that go to the exhibition will notice that my artwork on the postcard is not there.

Here's the front of the postcard with my piece, Field Study (K1) on the right.

It was very exciting to find out that my good friend, Kathleen Probst, also had an artwork accepted into the exhibition as well.  I also know Bonnie Bucknam and recently met Betty Busby who also have work in the exhibition.  You can read the full list of artists here.

This is a photo from the Carnegie Center for Art & History's Facebook page during the opening reception.  You can see my piece on the right, Kathleen's in the middle and Bonnie's on the left.

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Maggi said...

The glimpse of the exhibition is so good. Wish I could see the whole.