Sunday, January 11, 2015

Field Study Questions

Thank you for all the comments on my last post on the making of Field Study (K1).  Ellen wanted to know how I "went from a round undulating line of bushes to rectangular shapes."  I thought I would answer that here, instead of in the comments.

There are actually several answers I will give to the question of how did the undulating line of bushes get turned into rectangular shapes.

One answer is that, in general, I seem to prefer square shapes more than round.  I really don't know why that is.  I have heard that straight lines (and I am going to attach square/rectangular shapes to that as well) are more masculine and curves (circles) more feminine.  As a friend said to me one time, maybe I am expressing my masculine side.  It would make sense.  I am definitely not a "girly-girl."    That doesn't mean I will never use curves or circles, it just means that I seem to prefer the other.  

(Just as an aside, I cut all the seams free-hand on this piece so they aren't ruler straight.  I am really trying to get away from that because then the line is more like a drawn line.)

Another answer to the question is that sometimes when I see something, like the scene in the photo, an abstracted image pops into my head.  And if it is persistent, then I need to get it out of my head and onto paper. Many times it is already a fully formed image.

The last answer is that sometimes there is a progression through the sketching process.  It can be like brain storming - just trying out different ideas, or working through one particular idea in different ways.

I didn't actually show you every single step in the process.  What I left out in the last post were the sketches that came before I decided on that final one I showed you.

For Field Study (K1), the branch colors are what stood out the most to me and then it was the grouping of them against the background.  Maybe this will help with envisioning where the rectangles might have come from.

I hope that answered the question.  If you have more let me know.

(Also, if you do leave a comment, but don't have a Blogger account, then I can't reply to you directly with an email, but will do so here in the comments.  So you might need to check back.)

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