Tuesday, January 13, 2015


This past weekend, I took a bookmaking workshop with local artist, Lisa Cheney.  It was all day Saturday and Sunday and at the end, we had a very nice, hefty, handmade book.

We brought our own papers to use.  Originally, I thought about bringing some of my fabric.  But decided to use paper since this was my first attempt.

Here is my finished book.

The paper I used for the cover was a piece of brown wrapping paper that I had, at some time, painted on (probably to clean off a brush).  Then I crinkled it up, flattened it back out and ran a brown ink pad over it.  It made a nice texture.

I have tons of scrapbooking papers, from when I use to do that, and picked out some in the same color scheme to use as embellishment and on the spine of the signatures.

From Lisa's image that was along with the description of the workshop, I saw we would be using some ribbon (even though it wasn't on the supply list).  I have a few ribbons and went through to find some in the same color scheme.

Lisa had a selection of ribbons, waxed thread and beads for us to use.  I went with a ribbon I had brought.

But I did use some of her letter beads on the spine, and was able to spell out "art."  I also used her burnt orange waxed thread to do the stitching on the cover.

It took the full two days to make the book.  And now I have a nice, one-of-a-kind, homemade book with nice Stonehenge paper inside to use.  For what?  I'm not sure yet. Lisa uses hers for beautiful visual journals.

Lisa demonstrating.

Here are some of the other books made by people in the workshop.

Jodena's book.

Jodena used the paper from a fancy gift bag she bought at Cost Plus.  Smart idea.

Marianne's book.

Marianne's paper reminded me of fabric.

Zella's book.

Zella also used some painted paper for her cover and added this little embellishment.

Now, my daughter wants one!

The End (literally).

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