Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stamping on Fabric

Last week I spent another fun day with friends at Studio B in Weiser stamping on fabric.  You may not know that I have tons of stamps.  In a past life, I actually had my own mail order rubber-stamp business which I created all the designs for.  Most of those stamps are too detailed for fabric stamping.  Although some of the original carvings I did for those are big enough.  But I did not want to use any of those.

Here are Linda, Thea and Kathleen in Linda's Studio B (Sue was there, too).  I am very grateful that Linda lets us all come and play in her wonderful studio.  

We had out lots of stuff to play with.  The red fabric at the bottom of the picture is a piece of fabric I stamped with a stamp I had made with Fun Foam. We used fabric paint applied to the stamp with a sponge.

Above is a scarf that Linda had printed with carved blocks.  Nine blocks were carved and glued to a plexiglass mount, then printed repeatedly along the scarf.   I like how the simple line designs become so effective.

Below is another simple line design that was repeated.  I need to carve one of these for myself.

Linda had carved and printed this ginkgo leaf design.  The paper mask is there to show how she made them look like they overlap each other.

Here is another piece of fabric I stamped with that little roll you see at the top.  It is the plastic center of a register tape.  Linda had all kinds of fun household items to stamp with.

I stamped a few more fabrics which I will save for another post.


Linda M said...

I didn't know you used to design and sell stamps!!!
You took great pictures and I forgot to take them again so I've just linked your blog to my post.

Kathleen said...

I didn't know about your stamp business either!

This was a fun day in Studio B.