Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fabric Stamping

Here are some more of the fabrics that I stamped at Studio B. We used fabric paint applied to the "stamp" with a sponge.  The fabric needs to be heat set with an iron when dry.

You saw this one in the last post.

This one was also in the last post.  The stamp is the yellow piece.  I cut some thin strips of Fun Foam (with adhesive already on the back) and curved them around as I mounted them to the Plexiglas piece. I stamped two different colors on the fabric.

These are two scraps of green fabric that I stamped with the leaf shape.  It was also made with a thin strip of Fun Foam curved around on the Plexiglas.

I had a long strip of blue fabric that I stamped with lines.  On the right is a stamp made with rubber bands wrapped around a piece of Plexiglas and below is another with the foam strips.

The stamp for this piece is made from a carvable material such as Soft-Kut printing blocks.  (This link has some examples of the material.)  I'm not sure what kind mine is but I bought it in a big sheet and cut off what I need.  I carved some offset lines.  I printed two different colors (turned the stamp upside down from time to time) to try to create a water effect.

Here's another stamp made from carvable material.  This one was already a pre-made circle with adhesive on the back.  You could also use one without carving it to have a perfect solid circle, which might be fun to layer with a carved one using different colors. 

This last piece of fabric was one on which I had tried a shibori technique years ago.  It involved a lot of stitching to get those circular patterns.

I think I used a cap from a spray can that was the same size as the shibori circles to stamp around.

Do you like it better with or without the stamping?  The first picture is actually the back and so I could use either side.

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