Wednesday, September 10, 2014


This is a photo of Weekly Square #27, which I did a while ago and have already shown you.

After I had done this one, I was looking through a book on Piet Mondrian and found his Composition 10 in Black and White.

They look very similar, albeit in reverse coloration.

In my square, I was trying to do random running stitches and just letting them cross wherever they happen to fall (it is actually very hard, for me, to do random, irregular stitching).  I'm sure Mondrian was a little more deliberate with his lines.

I find it interesting when you sometimes create an artwork and then later, since we have so much more access to the world via the internet, you find another artist who has created something very similar.

Or the other thing, which I find a little more frustrating, is when you have an idea (but haven't brought it to fruition yet) and then you see somewhere that somebody else has already done something very similar.  Then, I feel like I can't use that idea because someone might think I'm copying the other person, even though the thought had come before seeing the other piece.  That rarely happens, but still. . . . 

It probably happens more than we know/realize that two (or more) people have the same idea in different places around the world, at different times. I guess that's why we have a patent office in the US.

What do you think?  Has this happened to you?  Do you think this happens a lot or just rarely?

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Sandy said...

Yes, I know what you mean. I have had it happen more than once. You are rather left feeling in limbo. What do you do?
I have this idea for a skirt with panel like pieces that fall from the waist like petals on a flower. I decided not to do it for the Fashion Sans Frontieres show this year because I hadn't settled on what I would put On the panels. And as I sat and watched a lady from one of the other countries came out with an overskirt designed just like it!
So, I am thinking how to ramp it up a bit more so as not to be thought a copy.

I also agree about the difficulty of doing randomly placed stitches! But how wonderful to have had a similar thought to a 'famous' artist. Yet I know you would probably feel like everyone presumes you saw 'the original' first.
Sandy in the UK