Monday, September 22, 2014

Oil Painting with William Lewis

On Saturday, I took a three hour workshop at the Sequi-shop downtown.  It was oil painting with William Lewis.  I signed up because I have never used oil paint before.  There wasn't much instruction, just getting down to it.

Our "assignment" was to paint one of the objects on display at the shop.  The exhibition was about the history of fire in Boise.  We were given a pre-primed board to paint on and there were brushes and palettes for us to use.  Oil is different than acrylic and watercolor and I can really say that I had know idea what I was doing.  But just jumped into and went with it.

This is our instructor, William Lewis, working on his piece with some of the fire objects displayed on the wall.

There were eight of us participants painting.  Theresa Burkes is on the left and I do not know the other ladies.

This is the object I chose to paint.  It is a nozzle for a hose.  It was on the wall.

And here is my very first oil painting ever and my interpretation of the nozzle.  Yes, I know the object is smack dab in the center of the painting (which is not the strongest composition).  I also realize that it is floating there in that space.  I was concentrating so much on the shape and color of the metal, I completely forgot about the little things holding it to the wall.  Really, I was just trying to figure out how to use the oil and not worrying about actually making a masterpiece!  I was able to finish this in about two hours.

Here is Pam McKnight's painting.  She was working next to me.  It's at a funny angle because I was trying to get the picture without the glare of the lights on the painting.  The oil paint is shiny as it takes a while to dry.

I don't know the name of the person who did this painting, but I think she did a good job with it.

Here is another person's painting.

And here is the instructor's painting.

Since it takes several days for the oil paint to dry, we did not take our pieces home with us.  The Sesqui-shop is actually going to hang them and have them on display for the rest of the month.

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