Monday, February 17, 2014

Monotype Printing

I have been spending some time at Wingtip Press this month working on a series of reduction monotype prints.  Going regularly is helping me get practice with the technique and better understand what tools I prefer to use.  I still need lots of practice in figuring out how much of the three primary colors to remove to get the final results and colors I would like.

Here is the stage on the second piece in the series where I have already printed the yellow and the red.  I forgot to take a picture of just the yellow, but most of the image has yellow so there was not much to see.

This is the plate as I am working on the blue layer.  As you can see, I have removed most of the blue ink.

And now we have the final print with all three colors.

Leaf Anatomy 2
three color reduction monotype
image: 8" x 10"

With this process, you only get one original print and maybe a ghost.  

I'm not totally happy with this print.  But I'm not exactly sure why.  It is very different than working in fabric.  This particular technique is better to use for softer lines, more texture and more blending, as opposed to the strong graphic lines that I like to use in my fabric artwork.

If you are wondering what happened to Leaf Anatomy 1, you can see it in this post, toward the bottom.

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Linda M said...

I really like it, but it is so not you! I think that is why you aren't totally happy with it.