Monday, February 10, 2014


This month provides my first experience as an artist-in-residence.  As part of the program run by the Boise City Department of Arts & History,  the Boise Open Studio Collective Organization (BOSCO) was given a space for member artists to work in.  This month there are three of us.

Here are some pictures of the space on First Thursday.  In this first picture, you can see Lisa Cheney's set up on the left and Bonnie Peacher's set up on the right.  Lisa works in mixed media and creates beautiful visual journals.  Bonnie obviously does painting.

Above is a close-up of Lisa's space.  I think I could spend a lot of my time looking at all her ephemera and visual journals.

Continuing around the room to the right of Bonnie's space is the space where I will be set up.  For First Thursday, Geoffrey Everts was still set up there.  But he let me use his table to put some of my stuff on.   Geoffrey is an illustrator and you can see some of his work hanging on the racks and the wall.

Another view looking out from Bonnie's space.

Geoffrey took down his stuff on Friday and I hauled my stuff in this weekend.  I will be set up very much like Geoffrey.  I have a card table just like this one, a chair and a floor light.  That is all the furniture I will bring.

I am not planning on doing any sewing here.  I have decided to work on some small pieces using fused fabrics.  I have a bucket full of colors I selected and pre-fused.  In the space, I will be cutting and composing the pieces.  I have a small iron to fuse them together.  I will bring them home to do any machine sewing.  Hand sewing can be done in the AiR space.

That's the plan.  If that doesn't work out, then I will probably work on carving some linocuts.

I will take some more pictures, once I get my little space set up.

I'm not sure if I will overlap times with the other artists and be in the space at the same time as I think we all have random schedules.  It will be interesting, if we do overlap, to see if I can get anything done.  I always enjoy watching other artists work and asking questions about their techniques and what they are working on.


Sandy said...

Sounds like an interesting venture. I will look forward to hearing how it goes and how you feel about the experience.
Sandy in the UK

Linda M said...

If we ever get some good driving weather I will venture into Boise to see you. Hope it goes well.

Kathleen said...

I will definitely visit! It will be interesting to see how working in a different environment affects you and your art. It will be nice that new faces will see your work!