Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Flying M Valentine for AIDS

Yesterday I met my friend, Kathleen, at Flying M and we checked out all the Valentine artwork up for auction.  The place is filled to the rafters with artwork.

It is a bit overwhelming and kind of hard to see everything.  Some small little pieces get tucked in here and there, like this one by Cyndy Lounsbury.

And this one by Mandy Riley.

Here is Kathleen by her piece which is the one next to her shoulder in the square white frame.  This is her first year donating artwork.

This is a piece by another friend, Mike Landa.

Here is a cute monster by Amy Burton and the doll at the bottom is made by another artist friend, Rachel Linquist.

I thought this piece by David Mandela was interesting.

Here is a beautiful bird drawn by Renda Palmer.

There are so many more to see (264 total) and I'm sure if I went back, I would see something new that I missed the first time.  The bidding ends on the 16th at 4 p.m.

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