Monday, October 14, 2013


My hectic weekend that I have been getting ready for for about a month is over!  It was a full, busy, good weekend.  Saturday, I volunteered at the Steamroller Printing event which was from 10 - 4 p.m. at the Idaho Historical Museum (I will write about it more in another post.) A friend and I have been carving on a 4' x 8' woodblock for weeks for the event.

Saturday night, I saw the play, Red, at the Boise Contemporary Theater.  I highly recommend seeing it if you are in town.  It was excellent.

My open studio was Sunday as part of the Boise Open Studios Collective event and I've been getting ready for it for several weeks as well.  I had a pretty good turnout.  It sounded like overall there were lots of people visiting studios all over town on Saturday and Sunday.

If you wanted to visit and couldn't, contact me and we can set up an individual visit.

Here are a few pictures.  I had more work out this year than I did last year, so it wasn't quite as streamlined as last year.  Since I am new to BOSCO this year, I also had BOSCO maps and passports out and a few of my original prints available for viewing in a portfolio.

For this first picture, I used the panoramic setting on my camera.  It is a bit distorted.

In the other room, I had more of my artworks displayed along with a few snacks and flowers from the yard.  I also had some exhibition catalogs and fiber related books out.

Because of the new passport program this year (visit 8 different studios over the weekend, get stickers on the passport and then turn it in for a chance to win art from the BOSCO artists),  I had some visitors that had never seen my artwork before.  I also had a couple of people that had never seen any fabric art before.  And yes, some people just came to get their passport stamped. But they still saw my art.

Even though I had no sales, I think it was good exposure and I enjoyed meeting new people and discussing my art with them.

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