Monday, October 28, 2013

Day of the Dead Banners

Last Thursday and Friday, Amy (from Wingtip Press), Kurt (education curator at the Idaho State Historical Museum), Judy, Mary and I spent some time in the old Macy's department store downtown hanging a few of the steamroller printed Day of the Dead banners in the windows.

The banners are also at the Idaho State Historical Museum, Sesqui-shop, Zions Bank and the Flying M Coffee Garage in Nampa.

I did not know when I first arrived to help that the store windows were painted and that we would have to scrape off the paint.

Looking out the painted windows.

One set of the windows wasn't too bad to scrape.  The windows on the sunny side were a pain to scrape off.

Judy scrapping.

Kurt working on the hard stuff.

We were hanging the banners with pvc poles and fishing line.  But the fishing line we had was too thin to hold the weight.  So we had to scrounge for nails and wires in the building to get them hung.

Amy up on the ladder.

You can see the pink polka dots on the side which is just the edge of one of the "Goodbye Kitty" prints. Next to the grim reaper, it makes for an interesting juxtaposition. 

In celebration of Dia de los Muertos, there will be a procession of the banners on Nov. 2 from the Sesqui-shop to the Idaho State Historical Museum.  More details here.

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