Friday, September 28, 2012

Initial Point Gallery

In December, my friend, Kathleen Probst, and I will be having a two person exhibition entitled Textiles x Two at the Initial Point Gallery in Meridian, Idaho.  I had another two person exhibition in the space in 2010.  The other artist was assigned to share the space with me by the Meridian Arts Commission, which runs the gallery.

Last week, I went back to the space to get some measurements and refresh my memory.   It was a good thing because I have been thinking about creating a three dimensional piece that would hang from the ceiling and then saw that wasn't going to be possible.

Last time, we did not use any of the pedestals in the space.  Currently, they are using them for some ceramic pieces made by artist Helen Granger Wilson.  I am thinking that I could put a few small pieces on one because they are covered and would be secure.

Ceramic works by Helen Grainger Wilson

The two artists currently showing are Helen Grainger Wilson and Patricia Fennell.  Grainger Wilson has the ceramic pieces, as well as two dimensional artworks on the wall.  Patricia Fennell has watercolor paintings.

Back Light by Patricia Fennell

I'm excited for our exhibition in December and think Kathleen's and my artwork will complement each other's.  Now,  I just have to decide what will be in the show.

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Linda M said...

What a great space, can't wait to see it filled with yours and Kathleen's work.