Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fiber Artist Emily Barletta

I have a list of blogs I like to read.  One of them is written by Terry Jarrard-Dimond.  She often writes about other artists or art shows.  Recently, she talked about seeing the Art/Sewn exhibit at the Asheville Art Museum.  Terry listed several of her favorite artists from the show and provided links to their sites.

One of the links I followed from her blog introduced me to fiber artist, Emily Barletta.  Her art is amazing in its detail and amount of patience probably required to produce it.  The pieces I first came across and really liked were some works on paper, which are listed as her most recent works on her website.

Untitled (2), 2011 by Emily Barletta
18 x 24"
(pictures posted with permission of the artist)

These are all stitches on paper.  Having done quite a bit of hand stitching myself,  I can imagine how long these pieces must have taken. The work probably goes even slower than stitching on fabric because the hole first has to be made in the paper and then care taken to make sure the paper doesn't tear or buckle while stitching.  This piece reminds me of hieroglyphics.

Barletta's signature color seems to be red, but there are several pieces with more subtle, neutral colors. 

Untitled (24), 2012 by Emily Barletta
14.25 x 15.75"

The above artwork almost makes me want to take up cross stitching again.  I like how the x's are varied in size in some areas to create more movement in the lines and give it a more organic feel.

Many of Barletta's other artworks are more dimensional and textural in nature by using crochet stitching and yarn.

Spill, 2006 by Emily Barletta
33 x 50 x 2"

I hope someday I can see some of Emily Barletta's work in person.  I'm sure the detail could be even more appreciated in person.

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