Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Artist Interview

At my artist reception last week, one of the BSU students working on the student newspaper (and online site) interviewed me about my artwork.

She sent me a link to the online article here.  It was interesting to read, as she took the perspective of not many students coming to the event.  I liked hearing what the couple of students who did show up had to say about it.

BSU art students are very fortunate to have so much art available to view within walking distance of them.  There is the space where Color Fields is currently hanging.  In the same building at the other end  is another gallery type space.  There is a gallery space in the Liberal Arts building as well as the Hemingway Center.  If that wasn't enough, they could walk across the bridge, over the river, to the Boise Art Museum.  And if they still didn't have enough inspiration, they could go to any of the galleries or other places downtown to view art (lots of public art).  They should take advantage of it.

I went to college in a small town.  There was one gallery on campus and I can't recall that there was any in town within walking distance.

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Terry Grant said...

Very interesting article and interesting that the writer chose to take that approach. I am constantly amazed by how few people actually make the effort to go out and look at art, even in Portland where there is so much to see. My walking buddy went to Paris and did not go to the Louvre! Inconceivable!