Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The year is winding down quickly.  Shoppers are counting down the days till Christmas.  I wish this bug I have that is making me feel bad would wind it's way out of my system, but it hasn't yet.  It is also wearing me down.  After November, I thought things would slow down for me.  But December has kept up the same busy pace.

Every year, I enjoy getting out the Christmas decorations and the Santa collection to decorate the house.  When everything is up, one of my favorite things is to just sit in the dark with the Christmas tree lights on.    We get a fresh tree because it is so nice to have a little bit of nature in the house and to come home and smell the pine scent.

We got our tree this past weekend and the lights are on it.  Nothing else is.  The ornaments are still in the boxes and so are the Santas.  For the very first time (and I will even venture to say "ever"), getting the decorations out seems like a chore instead of something to enjoy.  I'm sure it is because I have been so busy and this cold/sinus/sore throat/ear ache thing is keeping me so tired.

So, I'm thinking it will be o.k. to just hang the ornaments on the tree, set up the little tree downstairs and just enjoy some down time.

I've been working at the museum this week, helping install a large selection of the permanent collection for their 75th birthday celebration (officially some time after the new year).  One piece that was considered to be in the show, but ended up edited out is a garden journal by local artist, Chris Binion.  Years ago, he did an installation in the sculpture court where he had a large number of Amaryllis bulbs (100 bulbs maybe) potted in a display and visitors would watch them grow and change during the exhibition.  He kept a journal about the process and changes occurring.

The journal was out and as I was glancing through it today, I found his list at the end of the journal about what he learned from this garden installation.  There were twelve things listed and the last resonated with me right now.

"If you're quiet enough, beauty will speak to you."

I think I will be quiet this holiday season, let the boxes lie still and just enjoy the beauty of the season.

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Terry said...

Lovely thoughts, Lisa. Enjoying the beauty of the season seems so simple, but sometimes we lose track of that. I hope you feel better soon.