Saturday, December 24, 2011

Disc Golfing

Yesterday, we decided to get outside and enjoy the brisk air and the unfortunate reality of no snow by playing disc golf at the park - the first time in years.

On the second "hole," I threw my disc over some trees and a canal.  I also proceeded to throw it in the water.  Eventually, I got better.  

Anna wanted to do the course twice.  As we were approaching the second hole again, Frank was teasing me and giving me a hard time saying something about what kind of crazy person would throw their disc over the canal.  

The answer the second time around was Frank.  At least I did not throw my disc in a dumpster!  Afterward, Anna says, "Dad, I think that was some kind of karma."

We had fun.

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kathleen said...

That is hilarious! Love the last pic.