Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I don't usually discuss politics here, or much anywhere else for that matter, except with my husband.  I know I have strong opinions and feelings about certain issues and will get worked up about it.  I also realize that I am not very good about verbally expressing those opinions and the reasons for them, so I try not to get into a political discussion most of the time. 

Today is an exception.  Yesterday evening there was a rally at the capitol building to protest school superintendent Luna's education plan.  For those non-locals, I won't go into too many details. Mandatory online classes for high school students, firing many teachers so they can buy laptops to give to freshman (supposedly so they can take these online classes) are the main issues I'm against.  Just trust me that it is not a good plan.  Both Frank and I are strongly opposed to it, as well as Anna. 

Anna really wanted to go to this rally. So I bought some poster board, we made some signs and stood in the very cold wind for about an hour.  There were several different people that made speeches.  There was a BSU professor, a mother, a teacher, a lawmaker and two high school students,all of whom presented very good arguments in a clear manner with research and examples for support. I hope they speak at the hearings during the public testimony today and tomorrow because they had some really good points.

You can see some better pictures (including one of me) at the Idaho Statesman photo gallery.


Beverly said...

Good for you- it's never too soon to teach kids that they can have a voice in the political system. Great signs, too!

Jane DeChambeau said...

Great that you guys could go. The only good coming from this is that people are talking . . . how did this guy get reelected?