Monday, November 17, 2008

What a Bunch of Hoopla!

After my workshop on Saturday, Anna and I went to a Hula-hoop making party. I had wanted to buy the stuff from Home Depot to make big hoops over the summer, but never got around to it. When I found out about the party, I figured that would be easier. They already had the hoops put together and we got to decorate our own.

You can see by my hoop below that they had a lot of colored tape choices. (I think I used about every color on mine.) Anna chose blue and orange camouflage tape and white for BSU colors. It took us quite a while to wrap it all and we didn't get to stay to learn some of the tricks because Anna's friend had invited her over to spend the night. It was a fun project and Anna is very excited.

By the way, it is easier for adults to do if you have a bigger hoop (that's why it's hard if you try to do the kid's size hoops).


Mrs. Noodles said...

A hoop-making party! What a fantastic idea!

Plain Jane said...

what a totally cool idea! What kind of material did they make the hoops with? Cute results!

Kristin L said...

My daughter surprised me the other day with her mad hula hooping skills -- from your pictures though, it looks like I need to throw a second hoop at her and probably decorate it too!