Friday, November 7, 2008

Freaky Friday

Anna did not have school yesterday and today. Today I was hoping on working on a secret project; maybe do some art dabbling, in hopes of having some art content for those of you interested in that. However, it was not to be.

We received a call this morning from Anna's friend's dad saying that they discovered her friend had head lice. Since Anna had spent Halloween night at her friend's house, they wanted us to know.

I've never encountered this problem before so I had to go online to figure out what I was suppose to be looking for. I found some pictures, examined Anna and determined she had the nits (I didn't see any adults, but apparently they are very hard to see). So off to the drugstore we went to get some treatment.

Then, we had to do some fine combing and treatment. I decided that I probably had it too (was wondering why my head was so itchy) and repeated the steps on myself (not so easy to do). After that, it was massive cleaning and removing bed linens. I've been working on it all day and still am not finished. I also had the great pleasure of having to call another friend of Anna's and tell her step-mom of the situation because Anna was over at their place yesterday.

Anna was very upset as all of her animals are now in quarantine for two weeks. This will be the first night, in probably ten years since she's had big cat, that she will not be sleeping with Big Cat. Big Cat is in a plastic bag in the freezer. (I read online that you can freeze stuff overnight and that will kill the lice. Quicker than the plastic bag method. Fortunately, Big Cat is really not that big. He fits in a gallon Ziploc bag.)

The timing is also a bummer for me because I have to work both days this weekend (a first for me at the art museum). That means I will probably have to do laundry and cleaning after I get home.

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Plain Jane said...

please tell me Big Cat is a stuffed animal!!!!!!!