Sunday, November 16, 2008

Printmaking Workshop II

Last month I took a printmaking workshop at BSU on monotypes. This weekend I took another printmaking workshop, with the same teacher, on polyester plate lithography. It was all day yesterday and today.

I really had no idea what the process was. Yesterday I learned a lot and was a bit overwhelmed with all the possibilities of this technique. I also was getting quite frustrated as I could not get my prints to work. So the first day all I accomplished was this print below that is about 3" x 4" and I just traced some clipart.

I was hoping and determined that today would be better. After I came home from the class I looked through some photos on the computer and messed with them in photoshop. Then I printed a copy and took them to class today. You can xerox or laser print directly onto the polyester plate (it is a thin plastic-like sheet). I ended up with some better results.

The class also decided to do an exchange so we had to have at least 10 prints if we wanted to trade. Mine were not all of the same thing. I also printed this angel on fabric. It turned out pretty well and I will heat set it later.

The bowl was hand printed on Japanese paper. The rest were run through the press.

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