Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Graduate

Today is the day and it is time to get out the embarrassing pictures!  Anna, our little sweetie (who is now a lovely young lady), is graduating from high school today!  We are so very proud of her and relieved the high school days are over.

She will be attending Northern Arizona University in the fall and plans to study Astro-biology.  I know we will miss her but I am also excited for her in this next adventure in her life.  I know I have not prepared her well in the art of picking up after herself and other domestic duties that she will have to deal with at college (as I am not a good role model for that).  But I hope I have prepared her with the knowledge that she can always speak her mind, ask for help when she needs it and will always be loved.

1999 - Getting a head start


2004 - Look! No hands in France.

2005 - Cheese!

2007 - Belgium


2012 - Scotland

2014 - Idaho Scholar and Aerospace program

2015 - Prom

Congratulations, Anna!
Photo credit: Anne Cirillo

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