Friday, May 22, 2015

Foliaris IX

It's been quite a while since I've shown you some new artwork I've made.  The year has gone by quickly already and I only have a handful of artworks to show for it.  I hope that changes during the rest of the year.

I wanted to share the latest piece I just finished and shipped off for the Studio Art Quilt Associates online Benefit Auction that will start September 18th.   They have already started putting the images online so you can take a look at those people that plan ahead and get things done. But be sure to check back again throughout the summer as I'm sure there will be some artists, like me, that will be sending their artwork in close to the June 1st deadline.

Foliaris IX
fabrics hand dyed by the artist, fused appliqué, machine stitching
12" x 12"
©2015 Lisa Flowers Ross
Available through the SAQA Benefit Auction

This is the ninth piece in the Foliaris series which focuses on the shapes and lines of leaves with an emphasis on the edges or the veins within the leaf.  

I had drawn a little thumbnail sketch of this in my sketchbook and had planned to make a large version.  But trying to come up with something for the donation piece and a deadline looming, I decided to use it to make this small piece.  The artwork is fused and the machine stitching was kept very simple by just outlining the pieces.  To me, this makes it look/feel more like a drawing. It would be nice to explore this a bit more sometime.

I might still make this as a larger piece, as well, and if I did I would add a lot more stitching to create texture in the leaves.


Linda M said...

I love it!

Sandy said...

I think this is wonderful. It really looks like a painting, so I had to read on to see how you got that effect.
Sandy in the UK

Maggi said...

I love the movement in this.