Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there!

At the SAQA conference I met lots of people, many of whom are mothers.  Many who have to juggle the duties of motherhood with time in the studio to create, both of which are the most fulfilling of pursuits.

Here are some of the wonderful people I met at the conference.  I was very excited to finally meet my virtual friend, Terry Grant (on the right), in 3-D, as well as Gerrie Congdon.  Both live in the Portland area.

Photo credit: Deidre Adams

It was great to meet new people, too, like SAQA Board Member Lisa Walton.

Debi Bright (TX), Teresa Wong (TX), Kathleen Probst (ID), Catherine Beard (OR) and Linda McLaughlin (ID)

Kathleen and I spent a wonderful afternoon with Cindy Grisdela (VA) and Lisa Kijak (CA) visiting art galleries with a quick trip to Powell's Bookstore.

Photo credit: Cindy Grisdela

Del Thomas (CA), Lisa Walton (Australia), Kate Oszko (Australia) in Ana Lisa Hedstrom's workshop.

There were many more people I met, but I don't have photos of them all.  What a wonderful group. 

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