Monday, October 20, 2014

Urban Sketchers

Yesterday, the Treasure Valley Artists' Alliance Urban Sketchers were out again at the Boise Depot. Once a month  a location is selected to go to and sketch.  Everyone picks their own spots in which to work and it is very informal.  More like comfort in numbers.  If there are several or more artists sketching, then it is more likely that a passerby will ask questions.

I did two sketches at the Depot and took pictures.  I am still not a quick sketcher.  The Depot was open on Sunday for people to go inside.  The ceiling has lots of decorative painting on it which you can see a little of on the beams in this picture.

Outside there are some great views of the city of trees, along with some gardens and a pond.

Here are my two sketches I did.  The first is the tower of the depot and I realized as I was drawing it that they put the four on the clock as "IIII" instead of "IV".  I don't know if I would have ever noticed that if I hadn't been drawing it.  That's the nice thing about sketching/drawing in that you are really looking at something and noticing the details.

In my picture taking and drawing, I have a preference for "zooming in" and abstracting what I see. But I did one sketch of the view of downtown.  I don't know if I really want to show you the picture of what I was sketching, but I guess I will.

The sketch.
 The reality.

Even though I mostly work with fabric, I think it is always good to do some drawing/sketching practice.

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