Thursday, October 16, 2014


You might have noticed my weekly stitching project in the pictures from my last post.  I am having trouble keeping up with that one.  In the past, I have done a daily project for a month and found that easier since it was everyday.

My friend, Linda McLaughlin, does several daily projects for the year, as well as weekly and monthly.  Rachel Teannalach, a Boise painter, also just finished up a 365 day project.  She did a small painting a day (about 3" square).  Rachel invited people to come watch her paint her last 365 painting and to help her celebrate.

Rachel is a plein air painter, so we met her at the Foothills Learning Center and walked a short way on one of the trails.  She said it would take her about 20-30 minutes to paint the piece. But to me, it really only seemed like 15 minutes or so.  She was fast.

Rachel with her dog, Blue.

The area she was painting.


The group that came to watch and she also had someone videotaping.

It was amazing to watch Rachel paint.  She was using oil paints and already had a palette ready so she didn't have to spend a lot of time getting set up.  On her blog here, she talks about her system set-up for the 365 project.  She will sell all the small paintings together as one piece.

This is inspiring and I have been thinking about doing a 365 day project.  It is a real commitment, but would help me get into the habit of creating something everyday.  What I like about what Rachel and Linda both did was that they didn't start their 365 project at the beginning of the year.  That is wise, as there are so many things I think about doing at the beginning of the year.

The other thing is that the projects are small and portable, which I think is necessary as one may be traveling at some point during the year.  I'll think about it.  Maybe a drawing a day?  What would you do everyday for a year?


Linda M said...

Wow, I'm impressed with Rachel's little kit, she thought of everything. I'd love to see all her little paintings.

Sandy said...

I guess you know I am doing beads. I am on my way to the end of the 2nd year.

I was alright with starting in January because I am usually in the mood to make something because I had more ideas than time for Christmas.

But the biggest thing that has helped me is that I actually do something different each month. Whether it is bead onto something unusual or change of colour combination. So, that might be what could help you. If I didn't I know I would have been too bored a LONG time ago! So I will probably carry on another year because I have at least 12 more ideas, so I can look ahead to the next thing when the current one is beginning to get 'old'.

I have a 'bead station' set up and enjoy the process of setting things up for the next day. I haven't been gone for a great length of time, but I set myself the allowance of working ahead or catching up if I was going away. I think it is all about setting rules that work for you. Not worrying about following another person's rules.
Sandy in the UK
PS Actually, I have been inspired by yours and Linda's stitching and am thinking about doing a one a week stitching. I think I will have to do a trial (like Kathy Loomis recommends) so I can see how it fits with my life.