Thursday, July 3, 2014

Back from Bozeman

We are back from a long weekend in Montana.  Another college visit took us to Bozeman and Montana State University.  One day was spent on campus.  Another day we did a long hike in Hyalite Canyon.

They don't call it "Big Sky" for nothing.

Anna standing by "the noodle" sculpture on campus.  It is kinetic and spins around.

We saw several waterfalls.

And lots of these yellow flowers.

I found the pattern of these water drops on these leaves intriguing.

We couldn't get all the way to the lake because there was still snow.

Montana is a beautiful place.


flowersgal said...

Lovely photos. Montana is indeed a beautiful state. What was Anna's response to the campus and possibilities of Montana State? Did you camp while there?

Sandy said...

Wow! the waterdrops on the leaves are amazing.

also amazing there is still snow!
Sandy in the UK