Thursday, June 5, 2014

Works on Paper

Today is First Thursday here in Boise.  A good day to see art, as many of the galleries host receptions and/or stay open in the evening.  We will probably check out some places this evening, but I want to tell you about some art I saw last week.

Artist Maria Carmen Gambliel had an exhibition, Works on Paper, at La Tertulia Gallery.  Club La Tertulia is a spanish learning center, so the gallery is off the beaten path, on the bench in a business building.  Gambliel is originally from Brazil and earned her BFA there.  She completed master degrees at University of New Mexico and has worked for the Idaho Commission on the Arts.

Works on Paper exhibited her monotype and mixed media prints.  Warm rich colors and signature textural marks create interesting abstract work.  Many of the pieces related to the areas where she lived in Brazil.

 Tordesilhas (2012) and Casario Mineiro (2011)

New Mexico Sunset (2012)

I am fortunate to have one of Maria Carmen's small prints from the Leftovers print exchange.  I had only seen a few of her works previous to this exhibition.  A large selection of 25 works was shown and it provided a good sense of the artist's style.  I'm glad I took the time to go see it.

It is unfortunate that the exhibition was only up for a short time and not in a well known location.  I hope in the future she can have another exhibition as I think her artwork is a hidden treasure.  

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