Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Surel's Place

Not this past weekend, but the weekend before, I stopped by Surel's Place to see my friend's pop-up art exhibition, Formidable: The Touchable Sculptures of Betty Maguire Hayzlett.

Surel's Place is relatively new and is a live-work artist-in-residence space.  The place used to be the home of local artist, Surel Mitchell.  Artists-in-residence usually spend a month living and working in the space.  An event or two is usually set up during the month to meet the artist and see what they are working on.

You have probably heard of pop-up shops.  Formidable was a pop-up art exhibition, lasting only a weekend in the space.  It was the transition time between the artists-in-residence.

The key word in the exhibition title is "touchable".  You don't see many art exhibitions inviting you to touch the work. Of course, a hand washing is required first.  It is so ingrained in me to not touch other artworks on display that I forgot about that word and did not touch.  And I didn't really need to.  I could admire it without having to touch.

Betty creates her fiber vessels from wool roving and other materials and uses felting, as well as other techniques.  She creates interesting shapes and sometimes embeds different materials within the felt, which you discover as you look closely.

Betty Maguire Hayzlett
Crustacean, 2014
hand-made felt and wrapped wire

Betty Maguire Hayzlett
Effervescence, 2013
hand-made felt

I'm sure it was a lot of work for just a weekend.  But it looked lovely and it is great to give local artists another opportunity to get their work in the public eye.

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