Monday, May 26, 2014

Jordan Craters

We have been having perfect weather for this Memorial Day weekend.  Yesterday, we decided to do a day trip to explore Jordan Craters in Oregon.  There is vehicle access at Coffee Pot Crater.  The lava field, crater and spatter cones created an otherworldly landscape.

From a distance, the lava field and crater are the dark areas.

Those little shapes on the horizon are Anna and Frank exploring the lava field.

The lava field looks relatively flat, but as we walked around we would find sunken areas.  And on some areas of the lava, we could hear, if we stomped on the ground, that there were hollow areas underneath (but the rock was strong enough that we weren't going to fall through as we were stomping).

Frank walking down one of the lava chutes.

Even though it appears like a landscape of gray, there is actually a lot of color to be found if you look closely.

And some life.  Can you see the lizard in this picture below?

Coffee Pot Crater

It was a very interesting place to explore and we were grateful for the light cloud cover as it would have been a little bit too hot if it was a clear, sunny sky.  Unfortunately, we were there right around noon, the worst time of day to take pictures.  (Despite that fact, I still took over 300 pictures.)  I guess we will have to go back another time at a different time of day.

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