Thursday, May 8, 2014

Gallery Five 18

There is a new gallery in town.  It is called Gallery Five 18.  A new concept from the Lisk Gallery, this one is located on the fringe of downtown at 518 S. Americana Blvd.  It is similar to a co-op gallery in that artists pay a monthly fee.  But that is where the similarity ends.  The artists get to keep all the proceeds from any sales and they do not have to spend time "manning" the gallery, an employee is there during business hours.

The building was formerly used as working studio space for several artists.  The Lisks have been remodeling the space and it was ready for the opening last Saturday night.

Outside view.

Anna and I went to the opening and it was wall to wall people.  Everybody was excited to see the new place.

You walk into the open spaced gallery on the main floor.  This picture above was taken from the upstairs where there are a couple of small spaces for artwork, a computer and a bathroom.

As you enter the front door, there is a small intimate gallery just to the right which is a good place to show smaller works that need to be viewed up close.

Work by Mark Lisk, Pat Kilby and Mary Meyer

At the opening, drinks were being served from a small bar area.  Out the back door, there is a small patio area with outdoor sculpture where there were a couple of food vendors set up outside for the event.

Artists will rotate to have solo and/or group exhibitions throughout the year in the main gallery.  The artists in the gallery are:

Anne Petersen Klahr
April Howland
Carl Rowe
D'Arcy Bellamy
Erin Pietsch
Jerri Lisk
Jerry Hendershot
Karen Bubb
Karen Klinefelter
Kay Seurat
Mark Lisk
Mary Meyer
Matt Grover
Melissa Osgood 
Pat Kilby
Rachel Tennalach
Randy Van Dyck
Sue Latta
Swede Lisk

This exhibition will be up for the month of May.

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