Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Word

Here we are at the 11th day of the new year.  These eleven days have consisted of a lot of thinking about goals, trying to get organized and put deadlines on my calendar - some of which will be coming up quickly.  My calendar seems to be filling up fast and there is a lot to do, as usual.

The thought of a fresh start to a new year is great, and I have gotten some things done.  But it has been a bit serious with all the thoughts of goals.  I have been reading about other people's goals and resolutions.  Some people like to have a word to guide their year, instead of a resolution.

I was thinking, "What kind of word would I pick?"  Some words that came up were balance, simplify and compassion.  Then I thought of "enjoy".  And decided that would be a great word for me to have for the year.  Already it has helped me lighten up on some of the tasks I need to do and approach things with a different attitude.  I think I will create a fancy doodle of the word and hang it up in front of my desk.

I hope you enjoy your day!

1 comment:

Dianne M. said...

Big fan of your doodles! Can't wait to see it. And, I perked up significantly just saying "enjoy." I haven't picked a word, per se, but I've seen others in blogs, etc., who do. I definitely think that when the word "fits," it's from the Lord, giving you exactly what you need as a tiny "seed" that is going to "grow" into your year. Enjoy!