Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hamming It Up

Anna's dwarf hamster, Claire, died before school was out. She wanted to get another hamster but I said she had to wait until after we were back from vacation, since we would be gone for two weeks.

Of course she did lots of research on what kind of hamster she wanted to get next. She talked about a certain type of dwarf she wanted to get for a month. After vacation, she was still a little sad about Claire and wanted to wait a little awhile before getting another hamster.

One day as we were going to Michael's, she asked if we could go to the pet store and look at hamsters. I said no because I did not want to get a hamster that particular day. The cage at home wasn't ready. She kept asking and asking. I finally said o.k. but we were only going to look and I didn't want her to get upset because we weren't going to get a hamster that day. I knew she would fall in love with one anywhere we went.

We went to the store and she fell in love with one little hamster. She asked if we could take it home. I said no we could come back another time. She kept asking and giving me that "look". O.k. the hamster came home with us that day because she was really cute and seemed nice and interested in us.

So I would like you to meet Angelica. I think you will agree that she is adorable (She is a regular hamster, not a dwarf and not the kind Anna had researched.)

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