Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hot Hats

I finished the hat we started in our knitting class. Actually the one above is the second hat I made. The first one was kind of roomy fitting for me. I gave that one to Frank. I had only used a little bit of the second skein of yarn that we had for class, so I thought I would have enough to make another one. The class sample had a big tassel on top and I decided not to put that on.

I made a few adjustments for the second hat that worked out really well. I was surprised since I don't know that much about knitting. I didn't cast on as many stitches to begin with and I shortened the length of it. Much better.

Anna managed to finish her hat as well. We both had the same yarn, just in different colors. Hers goes well with her eyes.

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Anonymous said...

The hat and Anna are gorgeous!