Sunday, January 4, 2009

Flannel Frenzy

Here is another UFO finished. Sorry, the pictures aren't so great. Another flannel quilt that was already pieced and sitting in the closet. I was able to do free motion quilting on this (although it probably would have been better to just stitch in the ditch). The seams were flatter and the back is one piece. I did loop-de-doops around the trees and in the border with a variegated red, green and white thread. You can see a little better in the second photo.

Have you been noticing a trend here? I think I had a flannel fetish some years ago. I still have a flannel quilt to finish for Anna. The blocks are ready but it is not pieced yet and the border needs to be made. I also had a flannel quilt in mind for my own bed. I have the fabrics and had cross stitched some center squares for a log cabin design, but nothing is pieced yet. In addition, I have another flannel quilt that you quilt as you sew. I'm not sure if I have any fabric cut for that yet or not. I'll have to dig it out and see. If not, I might abandon that one.

Yes, I am trying to finish up my old projects. I frequently get stopped at the quilting stage, with these more traditional quilts, after the top has been pieced. I don't know what to do with the quilting and doing these bigger pieces is really not fun on my regular machine (the flannel ones get heavy, too). When I finish these, I won't be making traditional quilts anymore, unless it is an extreme, rare case.

This year my intention is to really focus more on my artwork. I want to get the old stuff finished up or out of the way so they won't be looming in my brain anymore and I can move on to new things.

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