Monday, April 20, 2015

Art on a Budget

The days slip by me quickly and then I realize it's been five days since I posted.  How does that happen?

This past weekend my artist friend, Rachel Teannalach, hosted an art sale at her studio.  It was called Art on a Budget and she invited local artists to come set up a table to sell artwork.  Her studio is in her back yard and that is where everyone set up.

The sale was for three days, for only a couple hours each day, and had a price range for each day. The first day was artwork for sale that was under $100.  The second day price range was under $200 and the third day was under $500.

I participated on Thursday only and brought some of my smaller artworks that I already have packaged up and in buckets in my studio.  This made it so that I really didn't need to get much ready to participate.

Here is my set up at home.  I was seeing if the table was going to hold everything.

Some of the other artists getting set up.  We were lucky to have nice weather. That's Rachel walking on the left.

Artist Lauren Kistner talks with some visitors.

And here is Rachel's table.  She also had a "Deal of the Day" which was one or two pieces with a special price.

I sold one piece of art and some notecards.  But then turned around and bought a couple of Rachel's tiny Expanse paintings (those small ones you see leaned against the fence).  I had a feeling I would be spending money.

I didn't participate on Friday and Saturday, as I didn't want to bring larger pieces that would be exposed to sun and other elements.  I also didn't have a good portable hanging display.

I enjoyed talking with the other artists and thought it was a good idea for a casual, informal sale of artwork.  What creative ideas do you or artists you know come up with for art sales or exposure?

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