Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Leftovers V

Earlier in the year, I showed you some linocut prints I had made for the Leftovers V exchange hosted by Wingtip Press.  This past weekend several of us helped pack up all the prints to send out to the recipients.  Each participant received 12 prints.

It's always fun to help out and be able to see all the prints that came in.  There were prints from Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Germany, as well as from various states in the U.S.

Here is Cassandra and Amy (the organizer of the exchange) stuffing envelopes.

Susan and Terry help with the prints.

I'm not sure what the total number of participants was but I know it was over 100.  Since I submitted two sets of prints, I got 24 prints back in return.  As soon I get them scanned, I will post here the prints I got.  I am very excited about them.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing what you got. Also, please post the ones you submitted for the exchange.